March 31, 2023


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The Importance of Tooth Enamel and How to Restore It

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Now we have discussed the importance of tooth enamel and how to restore it. To know more info on how to <a href="">combat bad oral health</a>, just click on this link.

Due to the abundance of sweetened food products and a diet that is constituted of unhealthy food choices, parts of your body will eventually wear down. One of these damaged parts would be your always sensitive teeth, the first line of defense whenever you eat a piece of your daily meal. The teeth is what people use to grind any solid food intake and any damage to it, may it be relatively small, will always be painful and will cause numerous side effects like painful headaches and flu. Moreover,  a particular part of an individual’s teeth, which is referred to as the enamel, is usually the parts that easily succumbs because it is not just the most easily seen portion of the tooth, but it is also the important exterior protection of each tooth. Improper oral hygiene, unhealthy diet, and pressing medical conditions will eventually damage a tooth enamel. So, the important questions are how would people protect their tooth enamel and how would they be able to restore it back to its original form.

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The unfortunate fact about an enamel is that it does not have any living cells intact in its structure. This means that if it is already damaged, our body would not be able to regenerate it or put a new one in its place. So since it is impossible for a regeneration process to occur, the important and urgent thing to do is to avoid the damage from happening and prevent it from further decay. Here are some suggestions for people to do to protect their tooth enamel:dentist

  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar and acid as they are the biggest causes of tooth enamel damage.
  • Avoid intake of foods that are too hard like candies and cubes of ice because they cause your enamel
    to be chipped or cracked.
  • Consult your dentist as to their suggestions of toothpaste choices that will strengthen your enamel.
    You can also try to wear mouth guards when sleeping to prevent further enamel
  • Practice proper oral hygiene habits.

Now we have discussed the importance of tooth enamel and how to restore it. To know more info on how to combat bad oral health, just click on this link.