April 11, 2024


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How Much Does Tooth Bonding Cost? Is It Worth It?

How Much Does Tooth Bonding Cost Is It Worth It
Dental patients with a tooth that has discoloration, crowding, or have gaps can straighten their teeth using a bonding procedure as well. Anyone can </span><a class="_e75a791d-denali-editor-page-rtfLink" href="https://beyondinfinitydental.com.au/smile-gallery/veneers/gapped-teeth-corrected-with-cosmetic-bonding/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><span data-preserver-spaces="true">correct gappy teeth with cosmetic bonding</span></a><span data-preserver-spaces="true"> for achieving that great smile. However, patients may worry about how much a tooth bonding cost. Eliminating the fear of paying for expensive bills can significantly improve someone’s teeth appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can make your teeth’s appearance better significantly. What does tooth bonding correct? Stained teeth, yellowish tooth, and teeth that have cracks may receive this cosmetic dentistry procedure from their trusted cosmetic oral health care specialist. Dental patients with a tooth that has discoloration, crowding, or have gaps can straighten their teeth using a bonding procedure as well. Anyone can correct gappy teeth with cosmetic bonding for achieving that great smile. However, patients may worry about how much a tooth bonding cost. Eliminating the fear of paying for expensive bills can significantly improve someone’s teeth appearance. Notably, it will address teeth problems that may be an underlying dental health concern. 


What Causes Teeth Problems?

People may have different causes of dental diseases, depending on their current health condition. A problem with your tooth may spread due to bacteria and germs that attack your gums as well. However, before getting any dental procedures, it is beneficial to know what causes your teeth to crack. Some reasons for toothache may also be a hidden dental health concern that an emergency dentist should check immediately.



Falling from heights or damaging your mouth due to sports and physical activity can damage your teeth’s pearly color as well. If your cracked or broken tooth destroys the nerves in your root and pulp, it may become decayed and even die. If you want to save your tooth from further dental care issues, go to an emergency dental clinic right away. 


Food That People Eat

The food and drinks that people consume are one of the main reasons for discolored or stained teeth. Wine, coffee, tea, or fruits with vibrant colors are the main reasons for tooth discoloration. Moreover, if you combine the food with smoking, constant drinking of alcoholic beverages and other unhealthy habits, you may suffer more than just teeth discoloration. It is a right and healthy decision to cut off sugar and carbohydrates, and maintain balanced diet plans to support your oral health and hygiene. 



Crowded teeth can require a tooth bonding treatment mainly if a tooth extraction is an additional treatment. Sometimes, malocclusion can affect the appearance of the teeth due to the growing cavities that make it yellow. If you are suffering from symptoms of tooth problems such as toothache or gum swelling, you may want to visit an orthodontist or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for your treatment. 


What is Dental Tooth Bonding?

Explaining the Tooth Bonding CostA patient with small chips and cracks in the tooth can get filling through a bonding procedure. This cosmetic dentistry technique fills in tooth-colored composite materials instead of the silver filling that some general care dentists may use. The dental practice may have instant results as it is a same-day treatment that patients will surely love. Anesthesia is also not a requirement when getting a tooth bonding procedure. The reason being, your cosmetic dentist, will not use your lots of enamel for repair. Additionally, a composite material for dental bonding procedure can change or affect how much tooth bonding costs. 


Benefits of Tooth Bonding:

  • Tooth bonding fillings does not expand quickly with heat.
  • Same-day treatment
  • Ensures bacteria will not spread under the tooth
  • Tooth bonding has color and will not turn into silver or black
  • Less expensive than usual dental procedures


What Is The Regular Tooth Bonding Cost?

It isn’t harmful to desire having straight white teeth to show your beautiful smile. Yet, it can be bothersome for many individuals to pay for expensive dental bills. A regular tooth bonding cost may vary with several dentists. On average, a dental bonding procedure or tooth bonding cost around $200 up to $600. However, some dentists may also estimate the range of the cost from $100 or $150 to $300 or $350 for a general tooth bonding cost. This fee may or may not include the initial consultation fee, diagnostics, and other examinations for the composite bonding procedure. However, some dental clinics can offer dental plans to decrease the payment. You may also ask your health insurance company for a recommendation on a cosmetic dental clinic to ensure a successful bonding procedure. 


What Other Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Can Whiten Teeth?

On a side note, a disadvantage of dental bonding is that it’s not durable. Compared to the other possible teeth whitening methods in cosmetic dentistry, patients may not always rely on this technique. However, not all procedures are available for various patients, such as pregnant women, children, and the elderly. For further information about the different dentistry practices that board-certified doctors do, ask your local dental clinic as soon as you can.


1. Teeth Whitening Through Bleaching

Traditionally, in-office bleaching is one of the efficient ways of making a person’s teeth as white as possible. However, bleaching agents may damage the tooth through continuous chemical bleaching. Hence, many modern dentists and cosmetic dental doctors today don’t advice using bleach for their patient’s whitening concerns. Another disadvantage of using bleach is how it is more expensive than most of the standard techniques for tooth whitening. 


2. Porcelain Veneers

What are veneers? This dental procedure is perfect for people who want a nonsurgical method to correct tooth discoloration. The cost of porcelain veneers may either be expensive or not, depending on the set of teeth you need to fix. Veneers are either porcelain or composite and placed on top of your enamel to cover the uneven tooth. Veneers may have six weeks for completion, depending on how your teeth adjust to the procedure. On the bright side, veneers may last up to 15 years if patients treat the adjustment properly.


3. Laser or LED Teeth Whitening 

Tooth Bonding Cost vs Teeth Whitening

Dental fillings can cover and repair a minor chipped tooth. However, many dentists are turning to digital dentistry for innovation and safety. This nonintrusive procedure of making a person’s teeth is safer since it uses a laser to remove stains and dirt in teeth accurately. Moreover, patients can even do LED teeth whitening at home. Yet, it is still a suggestion from cosmetic dentists to have tooth bonding for minor teeth concerns. Laser or LED may also cost higher or lower than the usual tooth bonding procedure. 


4. Crowns

Crowns are usually placed when the surface of the tooth is too damaged and needs coverage. Using crowns, a patient with a chipped or missing tooth can have replacements that cover the top and enamel of the teeth.

If you are curious to know more about the different methods of teeth whitening, you should schedule an appointment from your local oral health center soon.