There is always the risk of infection especially after a major or minor surgery since most of the procedures involve making incisions into a person’s body. The incision leaves wounds which are at risk of high bacteria infestation. Without the skin which serves as a barrier, the wound is exposed to the environment around. Cosmetic surgery is meant to improve one’s natural appearance. When the wounds are affected, it’s a whole different story. If you want to have a safe and successful cosmetic surgery, contact a specialist surgeon like

Wound InfectionPost-surgery infections

When incisions are made into the skin, exposing the wound, one is at risk of infection from bacteria moving all around the surgical room.

What happens next? After the infection comes into play, it affects the healing process of the wound. It interferes with the healing process of the wound, which at the end of the day leads to bad looking scars. There are various parts of the body that will have to be reopened in case of an infection. A good example is the Tummy tuck. Which in turn creates more noticeable scars, spoiling the expect results.

For implants infections, the implants have to be removed and replaced after a span of six months after proper healing.


The success of a procedure means less infection and amazing results. Before an incision is made on the body the room which the surgery will take place, it must be cleaned and sterilized. The doctor will also come well dressed in surgical attire. Proper hygiene is encouraged

Using the aseptic technique the area to be operated will be well prepped with antiseptic. In case of any bacteria entering the body now, the defense mechanism will kick in place to protect the body.

Avoiding infections

Various things can be done to avoid infections. Follow the doctor’s instructions carefully.  E.g., avoid smoking, Avoid junky foodstuff and many more

Signs and symptoms of an infection

  1. Increased pain in your area of the incision
  2. Bad odor from the area of the incision
  3. An awful discharge draining from the area of the incision
  4. An intense fever.

Cosmetic surgery is meant to make you look amazing though the risk of getting a wound infection is about 1 %. Prevention is better than cure.