People often say that dental implant surgery is the key to a better smile. While this may be true, it does come with side effects like any operation. Since postoperative healing usually takes place at home, it may be hard to decipher a real emergency from a normal result of surgery.

Here is a list of what to expect after dental implant surgery:

Soreness: As with any oral procedure, having sore gums is normal. It’s minimal on the first days after surgery and then peaks around the third day. It may be painful to chew on anything, but it should reduce within a week.

Pain: The real pain isn’t felt during the procedure but after. Since anesthesia is used during the dental implant procedure, the pain will not be felt up until later. Pain starts coming in after about 5 hours because then the anesthesia begins wearing off. It can easily be controlled using painkillers which will probably be prescribed by the doctor.

Nausea: Over 50% of surgery patients experience nausea and vomiting after surgery. Nausea and vomiting is a common side effect of general anesthesia and medication that may have been prescribed after the surgery. Within two days of the operation, it shouldn’t be a problem otherwise, its advisable to go back to the hospital for anti-nausea medication.

A sore throat: Most oral surgeries result in post-operative sore throats. Any mouth procedure may cause swelling of the muscles at the back of the mouth making it hard and painful to swallow. It should resolve itself in about three days.

Gum discoloration: Dental implant surgery involves a lot of gum tissue bruising. As a result, black, green, yellow or blue discoloration may appear two days after the surgery. This is a regular occurrence, and the stain will disappear within a week.