Have you got one of your teeth broken? What next?  Your teeth work a lot, and so do you. There can be many reasons and causes of a broken tooth. Maybe you munched on something really hard. Or you may have tried opening a cola bottle with your mouth. Or rather you just had a bad fall.  A cracked or partially broken tooth isn’t safe for your mouth. But how to fix it? Nothing can replace a dentist, but tooth wax might be handy for a while.

 What’s Tooth Wax 

Tooth Wax is applied to even out rough surfaces inside the mouth. The wax is made from paraffin, carnauba wax, or beeswax. It’s a solid substance but easily softens with the hand’s warmth.   To apply the wax, you first soften it with your hands. Now you can easily apply it to ant sharp or rough tooth surface to even it out. The wax is totally unnoticeable and looks natural. Although tooth waxes are generally flavorless, you can get some of them in mint, cherry, and other flavors.

Tooth Wax For Broken ToothTooth Wax For Broken Tooth?     

Can tooth wax help in case of a broken tooth?  Dental waxes come in handy as temporary saviors for dental accidents. If you happen to break one of your teeth or just got sharp edges for some reason, use this. Apply the wax well to conceal the sharp edges, and you’re safe until you finally meet your dentist.

How To Use The Wax? 

Make sure you brush clean your teeth before the treatment. Now, take a tiny pea-sized piece of wax and roll it as a ball. Gently work the ball with your hands to make it softer. Once the ball gets soft, place it on the affected area and apply pressure. The ball will take an apt shape to conceal and even out the sharp edges. You can apply more wax if needed.

Tooth wax can help you with various instances of broken teeth. Although, it’s a great solution, make sure you visit your dentist as soon as possible in case of a broken tooth. Dental waxes are just temporary solutions. So, tooth wax for a broken tooth? We say, of course.