Kidney disease is one of the main challenging diseases across the world. Treating this disease is a bit challenging as it will require strong commitment and following a kidney diet strictly is the primary way to cure this disease. Treating any disease on early stages is always better. However, you might be confused about which diet plan to follow to manage your stage 3 kidney disease problem.
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Following is the stage 3 kidney disease diet plan to follow.
1. Reduce phosphorus intake
Taking a diet with less than 800 mg will limit too much phosphorus from accumulating in your blood. You should reduce the consumption of foods with high phosphorus amount. Avoid phosphate additives like whole grain bread, cola beverages, processed foods, organ meats, dried beans, cheese, liver, dairy products, peanut butter, and chocolate.
2. Check your protein intake
The recommended protein intake for stage 3 kidney disease patient is 0.8 g per one body kg. Whether your doctor will recommend high or low protein intake, you have to make sure you are getting your protein from quality sources like fish, meat, poultry, soy, and white eggs.
3. Low sodium intake
Reducing sodium intake will not only treat fluid retention, but it will also reduce hypertension and help your blood pressure medications. Consult your doctor to recommend you the required daily intake.
Stage 3 Kidney Disease Diet4. Controlled potassium levels
At stage 3 kidney disease the kidney still functions well, and potassium will not be restricted at this stage. Potassium will only need control, and after lab test, your doctor will recommend to you the required levels. However, if lab test shows your potassium levels being too high, you will be restricted from potassium intake.
Following your doctor’s diet prescription will control the progression of stage 3 kidney disease and improve your life.