Rhinoplasty can work magic on your nose to change the shape and size as you may want. It’s majorly used when making a perfect balance of the nose with other facial features. If you’re interested to have this beauty enhancement you can easily get a cost estimation at aurhinoplastysydney.com.au.

Rhinoplasty healing process requires a lot of attention both from the patient and the doctor. Depending on the complication of the process, the time to heal may vary from one person to the other. Proper nursing of the nose after rhinoplasty will lead to a final perfect result. Before the rhinoplasty process begins you should have an image on how you shall look like once every step is completed.

Using technology through a computer, you will have a clear picture of you for better understanding and to enhance the care process. Since you already have the final look from the computer, most people will give their best effort to enhance the healing process. Rhinoplasty requires close monitoring hence you must work closely with your doctor and have a clear schedules on how you shall be attending your clinic visits until you recover fully.

Care tips for proper rhinoplasty healing process rhinoplasty healing process

You are likely to experience some swelling in the first two weeks and these shouldn’t worry you as it will be soon be gone. The initial pain must be experienced as the body adjust and the healing process begins but this can be managed using painkillers and antibiotics as advised by your doctor.

You need to keep off most of the activities and make sure you have enough rest immediately after rhinoplasty. As advised by the doctor, the rest can extend to a few weeks to make sure swelling or over activity is reduced. You need to deal with the swelling in a gentle way by massaging, using ice and keeping the head raised always

Every extreme case of swelling or pain must be reported to the surgeon with immediate effect. The nose should adjust to the normal functionality as the healing continues. Always keep checking the nose on the mirror to make sure the shape and appearance is perfect.