Hand Foot Mouth DiseaseIncidence of hand foot mouth disease (also known as HFM disease) on children are increasing. This disease can be taken from household items, toys, and even in hospitals, health clinics and dental clinics. There was even a case involving a dentist and a family who were infected with HFM disease because of unsanitized dental tools. Even the these health-related establishments can be a cause of a disease, how much more for these toys being played by our children at home, in school and even in parks.


To reduce the incidence of hand foot, parents should less take the baby to play in public places in the popular season. Teach baby to develop good health habits, such as wash their hands before meals, should regular disinfect tableware, and household items. Most of the virus are hidden and carried into the baby toys.

Tips to prevent baby toys from becoming an infectious source of Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Firstly, sharing or exchanging toys can infect hand foot mouth disease. The infectious source of HFM disease is usually patients and healthy virus carriers. The patients’ spit, dirty hands, handkerchief, towel, cup, toothbrush, toys, tableware are all infectious. The virus can also spread through coughing, sneezing, talking, etc. Therefore, the experts warn parents that children should not be too much exchange toys, the bacteria attached to the toys can sometimes exist for a long time, needing to disinfect with disinfectant or high temperature.

Secondly, children’s toys should be disinfected regularly. Through a process of production, packaging, transportation and sales and other sectors, new toys are likely to be enterovirus contamination, therefore, they should be given to children after disinfection. To those plush toys, the best way to disinfect is to wash and dry under sunshine. Toys made of plastic and iron should wipe with diluted disinfectant, then clean with water and dry in the sunshine. Toys with complex internal structure, not able to touch liquid can only be exposed in the sunshine. Besides, toys should be disinfected every week. The first thing child to do after coming home is to play toys instead of washing hands. Therefore, parents should let children develop the habit of washing hands before playing toys. Kids’ favorite toys often have to take wherever, should be disinfected every day.

sanitizing utensilsThirdly, parents should pay attention to control children’s play time, avoiding reducing the immune system for children playing to fatigue. And the nurseries, kindergartens and other children’s collective organization should do morning physical examination, and disinfect daily utensils, tableware, toys, bedding, and toilet.


Finally, to keep children’s personal and family health is the key to prevent disease infection. The prevention measures of the family include the following main aspects:

  • Toilet CleaningGuide the children to form a good habit of washing hands before meals and after using the toilet.
  • Do not allow children to drink unboiled water or eat cold food, avoid contact with sick children and bask the bedding and other home supplies.
  • ¬†Infants using baby bottles, pacifiers should be fully cleaned before and after use.
  • Parents should not take children to the crowd gather public place during the epidemic period.
  • Children appear related symptoms in time to medical institutions for treatment.