Have you thought about changing nose shape? Having a crooked nose or extremely long nose may affect lower your self-esteem especially if you think other people perceive your nose to be not normal. You may come across images of a nose that has undergone surgery and you fear the pain that may be associated with such operation. Costs such as general anesthesia may also be scaring since such facial operations are expensive.

Don’t worry, there is a better alternative that does not involve the use of the scalpel hence painless. The cost is also much reduced when it comes to nonsurgical nose job operations. Thanks to new non-surgical methods you can today. using dermal fillers like hyaluronic injections, you can achieve that reshaped nose you have always wanted.


The non surgical nose job procedure

Nonsurgical operations on the nose are quickly becoming a popular choice in facial plastic councils across the country. The procedure is a relatively quick and painless procedure done at individual dermatologist private clinic. The biocompatible dermal fillers are used in non surgical operations to modify the shape of the nose by injecting these fillers around the desired area.


Why choose a non surgical nose job?

non surgical nose job results1. It Is simpler. There are many reasons to choose non-surgical nose work, which is evidenced by the growing popularity. You certainly don’t need a hospital visit and general anesthesia; Patients are awake and aware that they can talk to their doctor.

2. It is faster. This procedure is fast, usually no more than half an hour, with minimal pain – usually, local anesthesia is done. This does not include the risk of permanent swelling, nasal bleeding or scarring, as is usually the case with the traditional nose surgery.

3. It is instant. Another advantage is that the results are instantly visible – no expectations, no bandages, no hiding from the general public who would realize your nose surgery hence embarrassment. Note that this procedure is also relatively cheap as compared tot he traditional nose surgery.



Risks and disadvantages

Note that the non surgical nose job operation is not permanent. Just like the other nose surgery procedures, repair may be necessary even with the use of the nonsurgical nose job. Though not much pronounced the region around where the surgery has been done may appear a bit more swollen or skin appearing redder than your normal skin color although this is just for a few hours. The use of nonsurgical nose job does not have major negative impacts but in case of any abnormality consult your dermatologist as soon as possible to rectify any deformity within the shortest time possible.