Are you afraid of being diagnosed with liver disease in pregnancy? Worry not for there is a high possibility of getting a healthy baby. Most women care more about their unborn babies. You should not worry much since it is not a common disease given that out of 1000 people, only two people are diagnosed with the disease. IVF-Sydney will advise you to get a general check-up to avoid any complications during your pregnancy.

During the gestation period, the liver may stop functioning which is caused by liver diseases;

Liver Diseases

– Viral Hepatitis

– Wilson’s Disease

– Autoimmune Hepatitis

– Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

– Acute Fatty Liver Pregnancy

The above liver diseases occur only during pregnancy. 

As a pregnant mother, you are supposed to understand both the general and specific symptoms of liver disease during pregnancy.

The general symptoms are;

– Loss of appetite

– Feeling fatigued and tired

– Vomiting

– Nausea

The specific symptoms are;

Liver Disease In Pregnancy– Enlarged liver

– Dry skin

– Itching

– Spider angioma

– Palmer erythema

– Jaundice

-Yellow conjunctiva

– White and pale stool

– Yellow urine

What are the risks associated with the disease?

The disease may lead to an increased risk stillbirth, preterm birth, and fetal distress. As a pregnant mother, you are supposed to be closely monitored by your doctor to ensure that you get the appropriate treatment within the appropriate time. During treatment, the doctor should consider your preference or opinion, your medical history, your overall health, your pregnancy, and the extent of the disease,

What are the treatment methods?

The treatment methods used include;

– Medications with corticosteroids,

– Medicines aimed at reducing the concentration of bile salts,

– Administration of vitamin K before and after delivery in an aim of preventing intracranial hemorrhaging,

– Regular blood tests to monitor the functions of the liver and the level of bile salts,

There are certain treatments that should not be used for this disease which include but not limited to Oatmeal Bath, Aveeno, and Antihistamine. You should always consult your doctor before you take any medications.