Periodontal disease, which is also called gum disease, is a serious bacterial infection which destroys the gums and structures of the teeth. The condition level can vary from mild to severe. Most children or toddlers suffer the mildest one, called gingivitis. Gingivitis usually causes gum tissue to swell, turn red and bleed easily. It is a prevalent dental problem for toddlers, which is preventable and treatable. However, gingivitis generally does not cause too much pain so your child may not if he or she has it. By visiting this website, you’ll know how to prevent gingivitis in toddlers before the situation worsens.

The most important preventive step against gingivitis in toddlers is to perform an excellent dental hygiene routine consistently. When a child is around 12 months old, parents can begin using toothpaste for brushing their teeth. Toothbrushing is ideally performed twice a day, after breakfast and before bedtime. Parents should choose toothbrushes that have suitable sizes based on their child’s age and teeth’s size. Flossing can be started when the gaps between their teeth begin to close. It is also good for toddlers and children to learn how to take care of their dental health by themselves. Parents being positive role models also helps to encourage a good habit to prevent their child from gum diseases. gingivitis in toddlers

A healthy, gum-friendly diet is also a basic yet pivotal part of good dental health. Sugar and sugary food can be a tooth’s worst enemy. Parents should try to cut down on how often toddlers eat sugary or starchy foods and drink. Give them as part of the meal instead of between meals or snack time if possible. During snack times, cheese, vegetables or yogurt could be nutritious and healthy choices. A simple but healthy diet plan could be a powerful tool for protecting children and toddlers from dental health problems.

Last but not least, parents should always remember to do regular checkups to prevent or identify bad symptoms of gum diseases. Visiting dentist for professional checkups regularly. They also will help to remove plaque buildup on children’s teeth and gums in order to improve oral hygiene in general.