You will definitely spend money when treating diseases like Lyme, it can be cheap or expensive we can never tell, but by understanding the symptoms of this tick bite illness, you can save more. The lyme disease named after the town in Connecticut where it was first recognized in 1975, it then spread from Maine to Virginia and along the east coasts of United States. Lyme disease treatment cost can vary depending on the situation and people’s initial reaction is to go to the doctor and have blood test. We should be very vigilant and look for symptoms if we ever get bitten by a tick or have gone to places that were affected by lyme disease. Often times, the first sign is having rashes which looks like a spider bite or like an eye popped out from your skin but painless, if these symptoms show up, you can immediately go to your doctor and they will start giving you prescription on antibiotics for treatment. Most people recover when treated within the first few weeks after being diagnosed. But there are cases were people affected have longer treatment period, doctors call these persistent symptoms as post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome or PTLDS and this become more serious that what we may think. Having prolonged illness, more symptoms are surfacing.

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Here are the few would have cost in treating this disease:

  • blood tests around $200 or more
  • doctor’s appointment fee which varies, around $15-$50
  • medicines prescribed like Doxycycline, Cefuroxime axetil and Amoxicillin for both children and adults, the dosage would depend on who is the patient, that would roughly be around $50

We don’t know how much more are we going to spend if this is not prevented.

An estimated of 400,000 cases of this disease have been diagnosed every year. The US health care system alone have spent $700 million to $1 billion a year, which would be around $3000 average per person. This should not be treated lightly, and everyone must be cautious.