Massage therapy has been practiced for thousands of years, proving its benefits and efficiency to generations upon generations. No one can deny the relaxing and calming effect that one can get from a good massage, but are you aware that this relaxation technique can also be therapeutic? Know all about healing hands massage therapy, its benefits, and find out tips on how to do it efficiently. Visit for more information about healing, hands massage therapy, acupressure, and reflexology.


Benefits of healing hands massage therapy

Hand massage therapy has been known to benefits the body in different ways. Since the body has so many pressure points, finding the ones in your hands can send impulses to other parts of the body that may make then improve in function or relieve tension. A hand massage can reduce pain or discomfort, relieve anxiety, lower stress levels, give you a better frame of mind, improve your sleep, and develop better hand movements and grip strength. Moreover, there are studies that show a simple massage can affect a patient’s blood pressure. This may not be directly noting hand massage, but it just goes to show how effective massage can be in giving relief and relaxation to our bodies.


How to perform healing hands massage therapy

There are different ways a person, therapist, or a masseuse performs a hand massage. The basic steps can be the following:

  • massage therapyMake sure to have clean hands before any massage.
  • Use therapeutic oils or lotion that the person being massaged approves of. Sometimes, there are fragrant essential oils that are a bit too strong or nauseating for a patient. Make sure that the scent is relaxing for the patient or client.
  • Use gentle upward strokes and motions from the hands to the arms. Start from the tips of the fingers going to the wrists and slide your hands to the arms up to the elbows. Do it repetitively using light pressure.
  • Hold your patient’s one hand palms up and make circle motions using your thumbs up to the wrists. Turn the hand, do it on the other side, and make circular strokes to the knuckles up to that side of the wrists.
  • Gently put pressure on each finger by squeezing them one by one. This promotes good blood circulation to the hands and relaxes the joints.

Reminders in healing hands massage therapy

  • The repetition of the movements is depended on the therapist’s assessment.
  • The pressure presented may also be different for every patient and it is based on the pain tolerance of a patient. Strokes can also differ per therapist.
  • Inform your massage therapist is you are pregnant or expecting pregnancy. Massage should be approved by your doctor before being performed.
  • If you have any medical conditions such as cardiovascular or heart ailments, skin infections, diabetes, or infectious diseases, kindly inform your therapist so they can do some arrangements and customize a therapy especially for you.