It’s of utmost importance to maintain proper health these days. Incidentally, during the flu season, many children die from the illness and it’s essential to protect them from it in the best possible way. You can refer to how to protect from the flu if you wanna know some effective ways in preventing flu. But one surefire solution will be to get the flu shots on time which will help to prevent the disease once and for all. However, in case you are skeptical regarding vaccinations and are yet to make a decision, we’ve mentioned some significant flu shot pros and cons in the following paragraphs.

The Pros:

1. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’ll be possible to minimize your risk of getting infected by approximately 70%.

2. Individuals who are more than 50 years of age and those who are nursing or are pregnant plus the young kids must consider getting vaccinated.

3. Young adults, as well as children, seem to get affected by the H1N1 virus which is also called swine flu.

4. You’ll come across many healthcare plans out there which provide these flu shots for free. In case you happen to be under the insurance of your company, there is a higher possibility of receiving free treatment. Therefore, make it a point to verify your insurance prior to heading out for the shots.

The Cons: flu shot pros and cons

1. There’s still a slim chance to come down with the infection even after getting vaccinated. The reason for this is that we aren’t sure of precisely how many types of flu strands are actually floating around.

2. Your arm might become sore for a few days after getting the vaccination.

3. One might suffer from fatigue or even a low-grade fever after getting the shot.

4. There’s a very slim chance that this vaccination might enhance your possibilities of getting infected by Guillain-Barre syndrome which happens to be a rare ailment that causes muscle weakness, and sometimes even demise.

5. The medication requires some time to start protecting you from the infection.


Before getting a flu shot, make it a point to consult with your medical practitioner who’ll be able to provide you with proper guidance. However, it’ll be a smart idea to get vaccinated given that the benefits of getting flu shot definitely outweigh the drawbacks.