The causes of breast lumps in women vary. Some causes are harmless, and the lumps disappear naturally or through some simple treatment methods, while another fast-growing breast lump can be extremely dangerous and can lead to breast cancer. It is needless to say that most lumps are benign and pose no risk for breast cancer. However, it is obligatory to test the non-malignancy of each type of breast tuber to ensure the safe and healthy condition of the individual.

With our health in mind, we want our body to be in top shape. There are some women who are not contented with their breast shape and size. To achieve their ideal shape and sizes, they opt to undergo surgery such as breast implants and breast augmentation.

Below are different types of breast lumps:

General breast lump formation 

General breast lump also called fibrocystic changes or fibrocystic disease. The lumpy breasts usually feel tender and swollen and are more common in the Middle Ages, but can occur at any time. These nodes are often referred to as glands or nodes.


The fibroadenoma is the most common tight lump in the breast. The fibroadenoma is caused by the excessive development of fibrous tissue in the breast. In general, there is no reason to remove a fibroadenoma lump unless it is painful or overly swollen. If a fibroadenoma lump needs to be removed, it can generally be done on an outpatient basis and is usually complication-free.


Cysts are very common lumps found by most women at some point in their lives. Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that often occur just before your period. They are generally very painful and often much enlarged. When you spot a fluid-filled sac in the chest, it’s usually a cyst that can fix itself without any problem. Normally they disappear by themselves if they do not consult your doctor.

Fat necrosis is a tough lump of damaged breast tissue that is usually an injury or an accident in the chest area. Again, this type of lump should be checked by a doctor.

Fast Growing Breast LumpAfter all, they are breast cancer lumps. These are malignant lumps that consist of abnormal breast tissue cells. These are generally irregular in shape and have a pebble feel when you examine them. They are usually very hard in texture and move very little in the chest. Unfortunately, breast cancer lumps can occur at any stage of your life. It is important that you contact your doctor for a more thorough examination and diagnosis after discovering such a node.