A breast abscess is a bacterial infection which results in a collection of pus in some parts of the breast tissue mainly in women in the age bracket of between 15 and 45.

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Breast abscesses can be caused by many things, but the following are the major causes.

– It’s caused by a bacteria. Breast abscesses or mastitis are the two main bacterial causes.

– Breast injuries can also be a cause.

– It can be caused by a crack in the nipples.

– Diabetic issues may also be a cause.

– Nipple piercing is also attributed to be a cause.

– Surgeries involving breast implants can cause an abscess.


A patient with an abscess will experience one or more of the following symptoms.

Breast Abscess– A lump or a tender swelling in one of her breasts.

– Some unusual breast pain.

– New swelling, warmth or redness of a breast.

– Getting unusual muscle aches.

– A general feeling of being unwell.

Tests and Diagnosis  

When you get to the doctor, diagnosis is carried first before you can be tested. The following happens during the consultation.

– Physical observation by the doctor upon diagnostic questioning.

– A breast ultrasound scan may be done.

– Needle drain of breast liquid and testing is also a possible test.


Once found to have an abscess, the following may be prescribed based on the level and nature of the abscess.

– Antibiotics. The doctor may prescribe the patient’s antibiotics.

– Surgery. Corrective surgery may be prescribed for serious cases.

– Self-care. For minor cases, self-care may be prescribed. This includes drinking a lot of liquid, and taking of painkillers among several other things.

Once you suspect to have anything unusual in your breast, don’t panic so fast. Take a test. A breast abscess is a manageable condition. Seek medical advice immediately.