Why did you make this site?

I had some spare time and resources. This site is pretty much nonprofit – I didn’t make this as a commercial venture or a place to stuff a load of ads.

You spammed me.
No I didn’t.

There are ads.
I am a poor student and can’t afford a server/hosting out of pocket. There will never be ads stuck anywhere prominent or within the timeline, ever.

I think I may have swine flu, help me!

Why are you asking the internet?

What’s it coded in?

It’s a terrifying mix of PHP, Ruby on Rails, cronjobs and bash scripts. Currently, the frontend is serving pages with PHP. Data mining is automated and run on another server using Rails, annutils and Google’s API. The API also does automated translation of foreign language articles for inclusion on the site. Cron runs several bash scripts every few minutes, clearing temporary files, taking samples of swine flu maps, and pushing updates out.

Why the weird domain?

Being a poor student, I just used some hosting I had laying around, and a domain I had laying around. Works for now.

Who maintains this site?

There’s me and seven friends doing code cleanup, occasional rewrites, and handling mail. Always looking for more help, too.

I want to ask a question that may be potentially hilarious.

E-mail me. flu@trancy.net.

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  1. #1 by Thomas M Lahey on August 2nd, 2009

    Rumor: 30+ deaths in Orange County, CA due to H1N1? Is there any way to varify this.


  2. #2 by gOcHOOSY on August 6th, 2009

    Thomas M Lahey :Rumor: 30+ deaths in Orange County, CA due to H1N1? Is there any way to varify this.

    I have been verifying death updates from swineflu Wikipedia… Each State and each death has a “source” which you also can click to view.. Hope this helps..



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