July 29: Laredo, Texas (US): 1 new death confirmed

source: The city of Laredo now has its first swine flu related death.
The health department says they are almost 100-percent sure the Laredo native didn’t contract the virus here in town, she later died on vacation.
Today at a press conference Doctor Hector Gonzalez announced that a 41-year-old Laredo woman has died from swine flu.
According to doctor Gonzalez the woman left for a cruise out of San Diego, California on July sixth and died July 20th.
In the events leading to her death she went on the cruise and then stayed in San Diego to visit her sister.
She began feeling ill and went to the emergency room…
There she learned she tested positive for influenza H1N1.
Her condition continued to worsen and she later developed pneumonia.
San Diego’s medical examiner also confirmed she was positive for swine flu.
She died approximately 14 days after contracting the virus.

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